Just Installed RedHat Fedora

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Just installed RedHat Fedora Core, my first ever foray in installing linux. I have to say that it was almost as easy a installing XP. Now comes the fun in using it.

I may move over to linux fully, or at least on one machine.

I was always the install that bothered me, no i have that done :-)



Fedora is a nice intro to linux, Ivana has been running it for a couple of years, but has now switched to Gentoo :)

Congrats on getting your first real OS installed!

Another one

Cent OS.org easy install, includes open office ect..

almost cooking

just got to get the mac address registered on the network and I can really start playing :-)

not as easy lol

Setting up apache with all teh boits i want is proving alittle more difficult. Got some work to do on this one :-)


There's an easy solution to any linux problem ukgimp, just sign up to the mailing list using a girls name :)


Just got the local man that knows, and he cant do it, so at least I know I am not a complete dolt.

He has set up 100's of servers, so there lol

Not that i am trying to make a soap opera about this but i have proper trashed it. Already reinstalling lol


it was almost as easy a installing XP

I've installed Linux (Ubuntu) and XP this week on different machines: Ubuntu installed in less than 15 minutes and booted into a fully-installed system, 5 minutes to install the updates and 5 minutes to add gFTP and transfer all my files over from the old machine. XP took six hours, at least a dozen reboots and it still isn't finished.

For Linux, if you've got DHCP the network should be auto-configured during install anyway. Apache can be a pain if you are compiling it: that I will agree, but you should never need to reinstall unless you really hose things.

Welcome to the world of real operating systems!


I installed XP on a brand new box three weeks ago or so. It took around four to five hours to get it fully functional, but then that included MS Office, anti-spyware, antivirus, and four separate user accounts that had to be set up.

Every Linux i've ever tried was fully operational in 15 minutes max. Then again, i usually start out with a LiveCD. If everything works at boot, then it's usually installed in less than five minutes.

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