Why Google Is Like Wal-Mart

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Wired News article: Why Google Is Like Wal-Mart
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Seems more and more articles are taking a Google-knocking angle. This recent Wired piece compares the company to Wal-Mart, and not in a flattering way. One particularly shocking item is the revelation that Google ...

Pays less than other Silicon Valley tech companies. A system administrator earns around $35,000, which in the San Francisco Bay Area, with its astronomical housing prices and cost of living, might as well be minimum wage.

... while it is not uncommon for successful companies to shaft their talent (if people are their biggest asset, why do they call them Human *Resources* departments?) all those profits do not seem to be trickling down to the guys and gals on the coalface ...

Click fraud their biggest threat? I would say their biggest threat is Yahoo! and MSN.


A system administrator earns around $35,000

They might as well open an AdSense account, and would earn more from home on that. Don't think I'll be applying for that one!

Heh, maybe

Unless they only manage to earn what I do from adsense - enough to keep my daughter in happy meals but not much more ;O)

it's not much

but if you get free healthcare, meals, gym and ski trips plus you get to put Google on your CV it isn't bad for a first job.

I suspect "astronomical housing prices" in the San Francisco Bay area don't even hit "astronomical housing prices" in SE England (£90-100,000 for a studio flat where I live) and there are plenty of Sys Admin jobs earning less than £18,000 around here.


SE England (£90-100,000 for a studio flat where I live)

Damn that's cheap!


well you're closer to London I think :) Us poor bumpkin relatives just don't earn as much as you city foylks :) Now, where did I leave my combine harvester?

But anyhow - it's always been somewhat of a tradition that the little guys in big companies work partly for the prestige - and payback comes as you rise in the company or trade up off the name when you move elsewhere.

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