Are Link Analysis Tools Worthless?

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Google Sandbox & the Problems with Link Analysis Software
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Aaron posts a fairly damning piece on link analysis tools and "sandbox" that essentially says that they're pretty useless as a result of SE restrictions and Google's "pick 'n' mix" backlink reporting...

Link analysis software was cool, especially when Google used to show all of the PageRank 4 and above links, back when their search relevancy algorithm was a bit more dependant on raw PageRank.

Now Google only shows a limited random set of backlinks, and the other search engines also limit the search depth to 1,000 results, which makes it hard to do useful analysis with the various link analysis tools on the market.

He goes on to quote some wonderful stuff about sandbox from a wmw supporters thread, i particularly liked what Cpt Caveman had to say, as it seems to make most sense to me...

Without giving away the store, I don't know how else to say it. There is no sandbox. People speak of it as though it were some simple 'thing' that stops new sites from being seen. That has simply never been true. What was true was that in its early days, some of the algo elements and related filters were so tight that only a very few new sites got past them (some accidentally; some methodically). Over time that changed; more sites started getting out, presumably as G worked to surface more new, higher quality sites.

There is no sandbox. There is only a serious of rotating algo's and related filters, that make it far harder for sites launched after spring of '04 to be widely seen in the SERP's. Not impossible. Harder. And certainly not as hard now as was true seven months ago. This has been hashed and rehashed so many times that it's hard to understand why it's still confusing.

Food for thought...


No Captain

Ummm, just for the record, I don't go by 'captain caveman' ... just caveman will do. No capes, no outfits, no titles.


are they useless?

on Google yes

but who still checks linkks on Google and uses that as useful info anyhow?

plenty of use

Just need better tools to look for new things. If you're using a tool from a time when PR4+ backlinks showed on google, of course it's crap now.

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