Microsoft Seeks Bloggers To Tout Longhorn

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Microsoft choose blogs
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Microsoft wants to tap 20 volunteer bloggers to help it promote Longhorn, an effort dubbed "Team 99," Microsoft employee, evangelist, and blogger Robert Scoble wrote on his blog, which is widely read by Microsoft workers and Microsoft watchers.

All Team 99 members will have to sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) said Scoble, but because everyone must be a blogger, they'll also be a conduit for Microsoft to proselytize Longhorn as it reaches beta this summer, and moves toward a late 2006 scheduled release.


Heres a first...

...I'm defending MS.

That article is a bit out of context. Here's a little more from Scoble's initial post.

Some factors? Are they trusted by the community? Are they visible? Do you think they'd give good feedback on your behalf to Microsoft? Some requirements I have? All members must be bloggers.

OK, so he sas he wants them to all be bloggers. Why is that? It seems a bit of a leap of faith to take that and assume they just want bloggers because they can go out and promote Longhorn.
Bloggers are generally an opinionated bunch, not shying away from saying what they think. Is that not the kind of people you want talking to Microsoft?

Another quote from one of the followup posts.

Wow. So, basically, this guy says that all I have to do is invite bloggers to campus, give them a free meal, hand them some swag, and all of a sudden their minds will turn to mush.

If that's true then we're all in serious trouble.

Which is a pretty good point.... It's not like he's picking people himself, thinking that they are people who could be persuaded to talk Longhorn up. He's asking for his readers recommendations. So if you don't think someone is going to stay objective, don't suggest them...... Simple really.

Get moaned at for not asking peoples views, get moaned at for asking peoples views. C'mon people, they deserve hauling over the coals for some stuff, but I don't think this is one of them.

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