Fortune: Why Google Scares Bill Gates

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A trite, long-winded article from the most recent Fortune Magazine. Its mildly interesting to hear Gates talk himself about the Google/Microsoft stance, but its nothing the blogosphere and conspiracy nuts haven't already thought up and discussed.

Bill Gates is on a mission to build a Google killer. What got him so riled? The darling of search is moving into software—and that's Microsoft's turf

choice quotes:

As of March, roughly 100 Microsofties had left for its search nemesis.
Microsofties have always been voracious samplers of competitors' products; many used the Netscape browser for years until Microsoft's Internet Explorer was good enough. But today, stop almost anyone on campus and ask which e-mail or photo or blogging program he uses, and the answer will invariably be Google's. No wonder Bill Gates is mad.

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