Code to Block Google Web Accelerator

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How To Block Google’s Web Accelerator
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As with autolink, it was only a matter of time before someone published code to block web accelerator. Fantomaster does the honours with examples using .htaccess.

Tons of info on mod_rewrite in that post also, something i've been meaning to learn for a very long time but never quite seems to happen heh..



It's no small point that less than 1 year after it's IPO many of the people who bought stock, and are google's customers (via adwords) are the very same people grabbing torches and pitchforks every time they release something that is supposed to make things better. There is a definite disconnect here.


Many people can implement this fix FAR more easily by using a built-in Cpanel option to affect the rewrite rules. It's a lot more "idiot-proof" (says she of the blond and senior moments aplenty).

The Cpanel X option for instance is listed as "IP Deny Manager". It's very simple to use.


You know, Cpanel users aren't exactly our, shall we say target group? :-)


*sigh* I'm sure. But then again, not everyone here or everyone who might run across this problem is "super seo guru cloaking fantom" either. Some of us (yup, I'm no guru and no seo etc.) are just plain folks who don't appreciate the current attitudes of internet monsters like google or microsoft. Considering the dissemination of information from TW, I would expect that a lot of li'l ol' plain folks like me may see the info about this.

*shrug* I guess if it's an offense to the eyes of the "big important guys" here, someone can delete the post....


...fanto's instructions include the IPs you'd need to block, whether you edit your .htaccess directly or use cpanel.

My hosting account comes with cpanel, and I use it for a lot of things, but I prefer to do .htaccess hands-on. Takes all kinds, no?

Sheesh ...

as Mivox points out: it takes all kinds indeed. No offense intended, vkaryl. And none taken either, ok?

It's just when you say that it's FAR easier doing it via Cpanel that an argument or two may arise. One issue we have with Cpanel is that it tends to bugger up a lot of our cloaking setups for various reasons.

Plus, doing it by hand gives you lots more by way of control. Which is what SEO is really all about.

So Cpanel is fine if it meets your needs. Have actually used it extensively myself before I fell to my evil black hat ways, he he.


bringing down your first website with a bad line of code in an .htaccess file is a rite of passage.


Thanks, graywolf. I'll pass.

And sorry for snippiness earlier. Today was NOT a good day in various places for overweening attitudinalization (oh yeah, big words don't make you seem smarter, right?)

Rite of Passage

Been there, done that, more recently than I care to admit! :-)

Make that rites

After all, there's multiple degree of initiation. :-)

multiple degrees...

...yeah, I was going to say, graywolf, what about the second, third and fourth times?

It pays to follow the "keep a copy of your original htaccess on hand for immediate upload whenever making a change" routine. Even when doing something you've done 100Xs before. After all, it only takes a typo. ;-)

Come to think of it, maybe I should check out what Cpanel could do for me on that count... LOL


new IP


RewriteRule ^.*$ /gwa-forbidden.html

Shouldn't that have - [F] after it to issue the page with a 403 Forbidden error code rhather than a 200?

I would add

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} 64.233.172 [OR]

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} 64.233.173 [OR]

too after more recent postings.


encyclo you're right, a status code 403 requires the [F] flag. The rewrite rule you posted sends the browser a specific page in stead.

However, if you want a page specifically explaining about the WA, and that page should not turn up for all other possible instances of 403 errors, then this is an easy way to do it.


encyclo, we have published two code samples.

The first sample will generate a forbidden message:
RewriteRule ^.*$ - [F]

And the second sample sends the visitor to a dedicated page:
RewriteRule ^.*$ /gwa-forbidden.html

We have also noticed GWA activities from and and updated the .htaccess samples.

The Mediapartner spiders are also coming from, so we added a new condition to exclude them from blocking:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !^Mediapartners-Google

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