Stopping Email Spam

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Scientific American
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On catching up with my Scientific American reading I came on this article on countering email spam by Goodman and Rounthwaite, who helped to organize the Microsoft product team that delivers the anti-spam technologies deployed in Exchange, Outlook, MSN and Hotmail. Whilst their conlusion (that they will "win" the war) is perhaps a little optimistic, it does give a very good insight into how the battle has been waged.

We have little doubt that the combination of the current and next-generation techniques will eventually stop most spam. There will always be a few spammers, of course, who are willing to pay the price to get through to our mailboxes, but the flood will turn into a trickle.

If you have wondered what is going on, on the anti-spam front, this long article goes into the details. What I like about the Scientific American is that it is written for the non expert to understand.

An array of existing and new anti-spam efforts, including smart software filters, systems that verify the legitimacy of e-mail senders and strong legal prohibitions, could stem the flow of spam if they were widely employed or enforced.