Yahoo Serving Different Results

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Has anyone noticed Yahoo serves different results from the firefox toolbar then from it's search page. I have a few commercial keywords where it is radically different. Here's an example with a non commercial keyword.

from firefox:

from search page

Anyone else noticed this?


they're the same for me

different datacentres?


I pasted the wrong URL tried to edit didn't work here is the other one


All three URLs return identical results here.


I'm also getting the same results. I doubt this would be a factor in this specifc case but make sure your safesearch feature is identical in both browsers. You might also be going through different IPs and Yahoo might be having fun with geotargeting.


Here's a Screen shot. Notice results 2 and 4 change. I have a commerical term where I mover from #2 to #23 which is really odd.

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