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Directory Submission Service
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Ralph points out what looks to be quite a spiffy directory submission service at 4th Media....

  1. Plan your submission with a set of titles and descriptions.
  2. Access to a list of free, fast approval and high quality directories that provide static links.
  3. Automatically fill the submission form with one click.
  4. Customize your submission, submit inner pages only to the directories that accept inner pages.
  5. Track any submission and prevent duplicate submissions with one click.
  6. Submit as many sites as you like to up to 20 directories free .
  7. Submit your site to hundreds of directories for just $10.
  8. We can do the submissions for you at $10 plus $0.50 per directory or $60 for 100 directory



receive quite few of these auto submissions, maybe I never spot the good ones in which case there isn’t a problem, but a lot are poor(wrong category, obvious not read guidelines, etc). Plus you can find a few people willing to do manual directory submissions for about the same price.

Is there a list?

I would be very wary of using the service only to find my money has been spent on submitting to bogus-directory-a, bogus-directory-b, bogus-directory-c, etc


My niche directories are drowning in totally off topic automated submissions. If you guys are paying for these services you are getting taken.


I use RoboForm and an Excel spreadsheet.

No Decent Directory Allows Robot Submissions ...

...Therefore those that offer them are only submitting you to bad neighborhoods, spammers and doomed link exchanges.

No-one should pay for such a service, when you can get bad neighborhoods, spammers and doomed link exchanges for free.

If that's really what you want for your sites - or your clients' sites.

Computer Assisted Submission

Hi, everyone. My first post here. Not sure anyone has tried the service since it's free to create an account and submit to 20 directories free. Here's the comments from a SEO savy user:

"You get to submit with one click, using various titles and descriptions, yet you are still manually submitting. Another right-click will track the submission for you. I zoomed through 70 directories this morning in very little time.

Because you are actively visiting each directory, you are still able to consider the quality of the directory before submitting. This helps you feel confident that you aren't submitting to some blind list of FFAs or bad neighborhoods. It is like a manually automated process. (I like that phrase). :)"

I'll share the design philosophy, academic background of the technology and how the service will benefits both website owners and directory owners later as the designer and developer of the service.

Sorry, I Must Be Missing Something ...

Because you are actively visiting each directory, you are still able to consider the quality of the directory before submitting. This helps you feel confident that you aren't submitting to some blind list of FFAs or bad neighborhoods.

But you know they are U/S before you started, else they wouldn't allow your system to work. Unless your system simply autocompletes the forms?

Sorry if I'm not fully tuned in ... I've never met an automated system yet that did any favors for anyone, and as I have a directory, I'm a little suspicious of anyone hoping to help 4,000 idiots to clutter up my submissions box. Because if it does what you say, all directories will suffer a rapid increase in spam - and believe me, they won't be thanking you.


only high quality directories will make into our system. Users are logged with IP, spammers will be kicked out out the systems. Those on the free list are new directories so our system will help them with a jump start. The directory will be removed from the list upon request.

A program that will help owners of quality directories (small or large, paid listing or free) to monetize their time spending on reviewing the submissions will be launched very soon. They will be glad they receive 4,000 submissions which unlikely will happen since users will be very picky on what directories to submit to.

The directory submission is about the match of right sites with right directories in right category. The computer-assisted (not really automated) and steamlined submission will improve the quality of the submission. It combine what compuetr does better with what human does best.


Well my experience on the receiving end of the submission process is not at all good with automated submitters.

Most of the people doing the submitting just spray out submissions to every directory regardless of approriateness, topic or guidelines. Many of these are "professional" SEO's and link brokers too. They gun the submissions out there and let the rest of us clean up their mess.

And once your directory gets put on a autosubmitter you'll never get it taken off.

It's not an autosubmitter

I've said a few times already that it's not an autosubmitter. A person, not a computer, does the submission. To put it simple the system is a roboform and spreadsheet in one place and much more.

I'm just surprise that how people give comments without understanding and trying the system.

Oldest salesman's trick in the book

I'm just surprise that how people give comments without understanding and trying the system.

Buy my product before you can criticise it, hummmmm :-)


I tried it last week and couldnt get in. I looks like it successfully registered me but it will not allow me to login.


No offense intended dejaone. But by us explaining how users abuse these systems it helps you build something better and less subject to such abuse.


cornwall said:

"Buy my product before you can criticise it, hummmmm :-)"

No, it's free to try. you don't have to buy to try.

Jarrod, there was a bug in creating new user last week. It should work now. There could be other bug as the system has been in production for less than a week.

Brad, that's good point. we'll take futher measure to protect the system from abuse.

What I'm surprised was a few making comments without thinking.

It's not an autosubmitter, but they said it's a autosubmitter.
You can try it free but they said "Buy my product before you can criticise it".


could be other bug as the system has been in production for less than a week.

Might be wise to stick a beta label on it till it's stable eh dejaone?


Nick, thanks for the suggestion.


dejaone - of course I read your thread earlier on Seochat...

Anyway - I tried the system (and it looks promising) but I get a script error after I right click and choose 4 - fill form. Something about line 5, char 39, expecting a ";" ...

Sorry, I really tried, but it doesn't seem to work for me... (yet) Had to switch to IE too - heh.

And oh yeah, if I ever find out that your .reg file hurt my system, then I'll have your guts and use them for guitar strings :-]


Wit, I'll look into the bug. Don't worry about .reg file. What it does is to add two context menu items, and you can do it manuually in a minute. But we have to have that statement on the page.

the Wit on seochat is much nicer :)

can't reproduce the bug

wit, I tested all 15 directories on the free list, and can't reproduce the bug.

What version of IE you use and on what directory you got the script error.


dejaone - of course it can be a number of things.

I use a normal IE version (6.0.2800.something...) and an average firewall/virus-block configuration. Nothing fancy.

Is your service already on SS&D's "Immunize" blacklist, of MS spyware blocker's for that matter?

I Can See The Good Side, But ...

I've said a few times already that it's not an autosubmitter. A person, not a computer, does the submission. To put it simple the system is a roboform and spreadsheet in one place and much more.

... how do you propose to stop it being abused by Joe Spammer, and his buddy Mindless Edjit?

It may be a boon to 'genuine' submitters, and it will hopefully force all directories to add antispam protection - even the bad ones.

But the sales push won't impress me until you accept the possibility of abuse (you needn't go the whole way and admit the certainty).


It's just a "submit", not an instant link. People looking for "instant gratification" will look for blogs and stuff instead of submitting to - and waiting for manual approval on - directories. They might try, but I guess they'll get bored soon. Unless they have a good site to submit of course, in which case I say: kudos to them :-]

kudos to them

Spammers seem to like anything that will give them repetitve strain injury; can't think where they get that from ;o)

And even some with 'good sites' have an unnerving ability to repeatedly submit it to the wrong place.

But I never award kudos to spammers, unless they get a Darwin Award - Kudos, I say, Kudos!


Wit, the problem you have is a special characer. I took that out and tested it should work now. I'll either add escape or retrict the input.

Many directories log IP of submission. The IP logged is whoever submitted the site, not the IP of the service. Like what I said the service doesn't auto-submit.

We can release this as a toolbar, but decided to go with online application for many reasons.

The invention of automobile allows people to travel from one place to another in hours that normally will take days. On the other hand, drunk drivers may hurt people.

Do we do think anyone driving a car is a spammer or a drunk driver?

The users of the system have to pay and spend 2-3 hours to submit to 100 directories. I doubt many (or any) spammers will do this. Those 2-3 hours are devoted to identofying right categories for whomever submits the site.

The system prevents repeatitive submissions.

The system tracks submission. Once a directory is submitted, it will be no longer shown on submission list.

Wit, - you problem you have is a special character

well it made me giggle :)

Do we do think anyone driving a car is a spammer?

Weird Question. But I wasn't attributing blame, merely trying to confirm the possibilities. Where spam is concerned, blame is all about intention, after all, a spammer would spam a dead dog if it could. And quite likely if it couldn't. No blame would attach to the dead dog, I assure you.

Similarly, I really do not assume any spamminess on the part of people developing new tools, but I start to worry when I read marketing speak like "users will be very picky on what directories to submit to". Believe me, the dead dogs around here all dread the beat of the spam-covered feet. And living directories lock up their daughters ;0)

huh? this was done already in 1996!?

Submit It! FREE was one of, if not THE original submission tool and it did exactly what this tool does. In fact in it's later years the paid version did this for over 400 directories. There is also and many others these days...Am I missing something here? Why is this news?

Why is this news?

Because it's being heavily promoted through certain spam centers; presumably those with members too young to have used "SubmitIt! Free". Though, of course, it is for legitimate users only, and won't be used for spam (see above).

Well, at least I tried it...

...and it works. Of course there's a limited selection of dirs in the free version. But it does what it says on the box. Machine-aided manual submission: it suggests a selection of dirs, you have to browse to your favourite category and "right-click" to autofill the form.

Nothing to be scared of. Automated enough to be a time-saver, manual enough to be safe from excessive spamming...


Thanks Wit!

Does it provide some kind of log of what/where?


Well, it should - I guess - but my "status" page is empty. Of course I used a unique web address (alias) for this, so every email I get on that address is from this service or the dirs I submitted to. I also took a snapshot of the original dirs list just in case hehe...

Maybe dejaone can tell what happened to the status. Could be it only shows if you haven't reached the limit yet, and since my sites have NO budget I'm not going to pay for the full service...

Sorry, I haven't been here

Sorry, I haven't been here for a while.

Pickled, I've heard about SubmitIt, but never used it.
My tool uses IE Toolbar technology. I'm not sure
that was possible in 1996.

seo2seo, I have posted the tool only in two forums
I frequent besides a few my forum sig links. There's no promotion at all. Would
you mind to share with everyone here the spamm centers you
talked about? In fact, threadwatch was the only
place some discussion was going about the tool.

wit, you have to use "4 - Track Submission" menu item to track
status so you can see somethig on "Status" page.

Nick, it tracks what, where and when the site is submitted in one-click

The directory list is continously updated for better approval
rate based on the submission results. There's no point to
have all directories on the list. Our database stores over 2,000
directories and We get new additions from directory owners almost

The results so far are pretty good. I didn't see spammers to use the
tool. There're many legitmate users.

I plan to add more new features.

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