VoIP can be good for your lawyer

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The Register
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Vontage, a major VoIP provider in the United States have been using up the legal budget fast in the last couple of days because they have to warn customers that the service does link properly to the emergency services.

A Florida couple are blaming Vonage for the death of their 3-month old daughter. Cheryl Waller called 911 when her daughter Julia stopped breathing. But she got a recorded message telling her the sheriff’s office was closed. She ran to a neighbour’s house to make the call but the delay proved fatal for her daughter.

The article doesn't go much deeper into the case but the quote above just doesn't seem right. I really, really, really sympathise with anyone who looses a baby of three months, but if she got through to the sheriff's office and it was closed, is it not their fault or should she not have actually phoned the hospital instead of the sheriff.


There clearly was a problem somewhere

Throughout North America, 911 is supposed to be the number you can call at any time of day or night to reach immediate emergency help in a crisis.

Phoning 911 is supposed to connect you with a specially trained operator who will dispatch fire trucks, police, ambulance, whatever help is needed. It is NOT supposed to connect you to a closed office!

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