Microsoft launch Beta Security+AV Package

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MS OneCare
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Microsoft will offer a comprehensive security package for Windows users called "Windows OneCare" The subscription service will go beyond online threats, delivering data backup tools and automating computer maintenance tasks.

Currently set to enter beta testing, Windows OneCare revives Microsoft's PC Satisfaction trial from 2003, which bundled third party antivirus and firewall solutions, as well as backup and PC health monitoring services into a single interface.


Don't know about this one

BBC views on it here

Well would you give the keys of the liquor cabinet to the local alcholic?

The service is designed to automatically patch-up security holes, as well as beef up anti-virus and spyware protection. It will also help maintain the health of a user's PC generally, according to Microsoft.


It looks good in theory for MS shareholders. It's the software rental business. Pay once for the OS then keep paying month per month to keep it secure, backed up and protected.

All I can say is "Microsoft One Care" should be said aloud in a fake French accent by a Brit. Just about sums it up for me, but I'll be one of those OneCares who probably subscribe!


Will be looking to get this for my dad and the in-laws and anyone else who needs me for IT support.

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