The Indian Adsense Swindle

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Proposition from an Indian ad-clicker
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There's something just a little wrong about this title - but im keeping it despite the fact that other countries/people are almost certainly enagaged in the same thing, as India unfortunately holds the title of click fraud central right now...

Tim Yang reports on an email exchange he had with an adsense fraudster which makes for very interesting reading indeed...


I got your email address from your site by Google search, while being interested in Adsense. At present you have 12 Adsense advertisements on your site. I have an offer for you. Which is that I am capable of giving you 1000+ different traffic to your site per day - and all of them would click on all the Adsense advertisements. For all these clicks you would be able to earn a good amount per day. My offer is that I would give you that 1000+ different traffic to your site in exchange of 50% of earnings of their total clicks. If you are interested, please let me know.

Thanking you, Sanjay Das.


now I'm not very technical admittedly

but didn't that guy just offer to provide a list of all the IP's he's using for click fraud to a stranger so they can verify they, er, are the fraudulent clicks?

I think natural selection's going to deal with much of this problem....


This one definately dosn't seem too technically advanced - but I am pretty sure the more advanced services are around too ...

Everyone knows

legitimate click vendors don't use gmail.

"Google employees do not access the content of any mailboxes unless you specifically request them to do so (for example, if you are having technical difficulties accessing your account) or if required by law, to maintain our system, or to protect Google or the public."

Natural Selection...?

I don't think natural selection will work since many
affiliates are getting away with fraud everyday... and have been for a long time.

If you watch your logfiles carefully and check back to all your ppc referers then i bet you will find some strange things going on.

I have discovered ppc links to financial services from porn pictures; so when you click to expand a dirty picture you get a
financial services website. kinda of funny but worrying...

You can take a stand with your Google advertising and serve your advertising to a specific geographic area - do you really want or need clicks from india or thailand? are they likely to convert? probably not - so why advertise there?

I guess an email like the above could sound like a good idea to a webmaster?! However realistically you are likely to get caught unless your partner in click fraud is very technologically advanced... and it's best avoided, I am sure it won't be long before we see some lawsuits in this area.

Keeping a close watch on your logfiles and saving them for future reference is the best way to avoid being stung by tricks like the one above.


I love the adult pic click thru idea....
The fraud clickers are a little more savy and use anonymous proxy servers so you can't filter them by country.

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