NYT Begins Move to Subscriptions - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

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NYTimes.com Unveils Subscription Plan
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We knew it would come. Despite other large publishers making more and more content free, ad supported, the New York Times is moving to a paid subscription model for a large chunk of its content...

The New York Times Co. this September will start requiring paid subscriptions of around $50 a year for access to eight op-ed columnists--including buzz generators David Brooks, Maureen Dowd, and Frank Rich--and 14 news columnists, the company said Monday. The move toward paid content comes at a time when online ad growth has spurred other publications--including CNN.com and LATimes.com--to offer more material at no cost, in hopes of offering advertisers more eyeballs.



rainmaker interview

There is an archived episode of Rainmaker with Marshall Symons who is the vice president of enterprise search at the NYT (or some other grand title).
From that interview it didn't sound like he be the one pushing for a move like this - but then again I tend to drift in and out when rainmaker is on.

They're delusional

Where do they think they are going to find people willing to pay to read the kind of drivel that Rich and Dowd write? They'd have to pay me more than $50 a year to read that crap. And as far as news goes, IMO the NYT hasn't been a credible source for it in decades.

some things people will pay for...

opinion isn't one of them, imho.

they should charge for obits maybe, or other (local, local, local) content you can't get anywhere else.

with the blossoming of blogs, though, opinions on the intraweb are a dime a dozen...

Make money from NYT

Personally I have always thought it reasonable to charge, but without pushing that argument take a look at This Article - NYTimes.com Ponders "Information-Affiliate Program"

Niesenholtz told the audience that affiliate marketing is central to the Times' vision of online publishing's future. "This is going to be a growing part of the ecosystem of the Web. In the same way Amazon.com made tremendous headway with its affiliates in the book business, we can create a revenue stream down the tail for people who are creating blogs, etc." This information-affiliate program will likely eventually apply to other New York Times-owned properties, including Boston.com and About.com.


So they are thinking of making About.com Subscription too?

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