Yell Snaps up More U.S. Directories

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International Hearld Tribune
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The British telephone directory company Yell has paid $1.58b for TransWestern, one of the biggest independent publishers of US phone books in it's 26th US purchase since it bought YellowBook in 1999.

San Diego based TransWestern publishes 332 directories in 25 states including California and Texas.

The deal comes at a time when newspaper sales are flagging and television audiences are shrinking, so media investors are increasingly turning to phone directories as a low-cost avenue to making money from advertising.

The article does answer the question that most people here would ask:

It may seem counterintuitive given the popularity of Internet search engines like Google, but to find local goods and services, the yellow pages are still king.

It seems like an awful lot of money to me but they reckon that Yellow Book have done about $1.5 in the past year!