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The Daily Show and Blogs
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I'm not sure what people on that side of the 'pond' think, but personally I think Jon Stewart's Daily Show is one of the best news programs we yanks have. i'm not sure if that's sad or funny. ;)

Quicktime clip of segment

my favorite line:

Rob Corddry (When asked why the networks were rushing to put blogs on the air): "Terror. Pure undiluted fear of their own extinction. The lumbering TV dinosaurs have spotted a free mammal called blog running around, and in this jungle, it's evolve -- or die."

I can actually hear his voice in my mind when I read it. ;)

As an added bonus, here's Jon Stewart uncensored on CNN's Crossfire. That was a classic moment.



funny, that.

I must concur.

Some good things coming out of that show lately. The blogging piece was funny and interesting.

Side note: Any of you catch the episode about Laura Bush making cracks on her hubby about the horses?!

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