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This morning i got a pm about another well known open source site spamming SE's - As this has not been posted (and thus already exposed) elsewhere, i've emailed the admins to give them a chance to sort out their amateur spam stupidity before someone does cause them to lose everything....

It'd make a great story, it's a stupid JS redirect to p*orn, not so well known as Wordpress of course, but still a high profile site that's risking everything through ignorance..

Sheesh, everyone wants to be a Search spammer these days....

[dont ask, i aint tellin']


Spamreporter Nick W :)

How cn this go under roumers without a name or a link? Either blow them or don't :)


Just thought it was an interesting trend mikkel...

Hey, whatever happened to..

Publish and be damned

yeah tell us Nick

or we'll have to assume it is


If they are man enough to take the risk then they should be man enough to face the music when the time comes.


I think these folks, and people like them get into this stuff without any real knowledge of either how to do it, or what the consequences of their actions could be.

Rule #1 Never risk a site you can't afford to lose...


at least tell us what he did exactly ...

i aint tellin'

As well you shouldn't - let's not get into that damn exposure game here.

And to the others - give Nick a break. While personally, I don't particularly see the point of posting this messsage without details either, I'd rather not have TW degraded to a finger pointing finking holier-than-thou (and a "look how stupid they are, ha ha" attitude isn't any different.) joint. More than enough of those around ...


No need to create bad karma, by outting them. Dropping the admins a note was the proper thing to do.


Absolutely, if it's already out there, on a site i think is BIG, then it's a story, if it's still under the radar, it's an opportunity to do someone who clearly doesn't have a clue, a favor..

The point of posting for me, was just to highlight what i perceive as a growing trend among amateurs to spam SE's - for me that's interesting, we've had wordpress and syndic8 both slapped for doing likewise, and this is as far as i know the third to do something stupid with a good site...


looks like Syndic8 is back in the index already. WordPress was in quickly.

If sites just get a quick free pass back into the index, other than short term hate from a few bloggers where is the real penalty?

I think the best way to go about it is to not be so blunt as those sites were, but it seems to me that there really isn't a long term penalty if you get caught and your site is well enough above radar to elicit a response. Just clean up your mess and it is as if it never happened.

opportunity to do someone who clearly doesn't have a cl

they clearly have a clue or they wouldn't be doing it - they may be misinformed but they didn't do it by accident ;)

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

in SEO as much as in law. Yes, it probably wasn't an accident, more a case of having the wrong clue, ok. Still, that doesn't justify a public hanging IMV.

After all, who knows which self-declared "SEO expert" made them do it in the first place ... :-)


So any response? Did they pull it down? Did they say thanks for the heads up? Inquiring minds want to know?


>So any response? Did they pull it down? Did they say thanks for the heads up? Inquiring minds want to know?

[joking] and if not, what are their hosting rates ;) [/joking]

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