Nokia Launches Linux Handheld Tablet PC

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Nokia Unveils Handheld Internet Tablet
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Dear Santa, for my christmas, i would like, the new Nokia Linux Handheld Tablet. Please tell them to do more of this stuff...

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet unveiled Wednesday is based on the open-source Linux operating system rather than the Symbian platform it uses for "smart" cell phones or the mobile version of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows. Nokia said it plans to publish the source code in hopes developers will write customized software for the device.

Priced at $350, the Internet Tablet is being positioned as an alternative to buying an extra personal computer or laptop for different rooms, providing a cheaper, quicker and less-cumbersome way to connect to the Web.

And Slashdot are having fun with this also...



For those rushing for the credit card - Planned in the third quarter of 2005.


me wants it

Waiting for...

It sounds like a good idea, but the tablets have been around for a while. But with the increased rumors of the Apple Tablet, I'm really hoping it would come. I'd get that.


It'll be great if it's not as heavy as the other tablets I've seen.

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