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After trying to deal with the non-responsive googlites, dealing with Yahoo is a breath of fresh air.

About three weeks ago, one of my sites that enjoyed 26+ #1 spots in Yahoo (big money KWs) went to page 86 or lower over night.

After a review, it was determined by us that Yahoo had applied a hand penalty to this site.

In my (and others) opinion, the site did not deserve a penalty. It is a clean site, that delivers what it promises to the user.

So yesterday I popped off an email to Yahoo, asking for a review of the site as I felt we had been penalized unfairly.

This morning, to my amazement and unqualified joy... ALL of our old positions have been restored in Yahoo!!!

Overnight... Overnight... Yahoo I love you!

Google you can suck an egg... I am still waiting for a response to email I sent in 2000... (well not really waiting, but you all know what I mean.)

Yahoo Rules! - google drools...


Nice one!

And most reassuring to know that at least somebody's listening.

And to help others...

Could you list the email address you sent the site review request to?

No email address

I just used the Yahoo search help feedback form found here.

You have to dig to find it, it is not obvious. You have to first do a search in yahoo search help then tell them the answer they gave you did not answer the question, then they give you the option to send a feed back form to them. At least that is how I found it.

Remember be nice and respectful and ask for a new review of your site (make sure first that it in fact has been penalized and not just lost position) don't demand or tell them how great YOU think your site is, just ask for a review.

Remember that at least one Yahoo editor is going to go over your site, so make sure it is clean and within yahoo's guidelines before you send the request.

There was some shuffling of SERPs... Yahoo the last day or two. Very minor shuffling in my mind though.


That's a very nice, sweet story Lotso, and it may very well have played out that way.

My guess would be, however, that it was simply a coincidence and that your site was gone for no reason at all in the first place. Then whatever glitch there was, simply righted itself.


Yes, it is a sweet story, I like it a lot.

I can tell you, the site was hand penalized, don't care if you believe me or not.

I have seen it before and I am not a newbe at this.


Glitches tend to affect more than one site. So if the rest of the SERPs were the same or showed similar shuffle and then Lotso's site disappeared, that would lead me to believe it was an assessed penalty or filter. I had a car dealership client run into the same sort of thing with Yahoo and my business site was accidentally plinked from MSN beta.

So, the cause/effect doesn't surprise me one bit. I am, however, pleasantly surprised at the response time. At some point when the industry matures, the search engines are going to have to consider customer service. Yahoo and MSN are already way out ahead of Google, who is allegedly the pinnacle provider.

Kudos to Yahoo...either for helping Lotso or, if you agree with Jill, for fixing the glitch in a timely fashion.

I'm not guessing

My last answer was a little short, so I will expand upon it. (Plus I am board right now, I am waiting for some stuff to finish running.)

On the 5th of this month, the site in question went from 72,000+ page views a day (from Yahoo) to zero page views a day (from Yahoo) overnight. We of course were more than a little concerned at this drop in traffic. We started investigating immediately. Within a very short time it became obvious that our site was the only site effected in our keyword areas (other than all the sites below us that moved up one notch when we got penalized).

After 2 weeks of investigating and research there was only one answer to what happened to this site that we could find, it was hand penalized by an editor at Yahoo, there was no other plausible explanation.

1. In our logs were the tracks of a Yahoo editor, the day before the penalty (we figured that kind of confirmed it was a hand penalty).

2. There was no code modification to the site in the 45 days prior to the drop in ranking.

3. Searching in Yahoo for “site:” did not bring up the sites main page, nor did searching for the site title or name.

4. During this time the number of pages index by Yahoo actually increased from around 6500 to over 8200 (without displaying the main page) the pages that were added to the index were CMS duplicate pages that should not have been indexed per our robots.txt.

There were a few other factors that went into our decision that the site had been hand penalized, but I won’t go into those.

Also, I would like to point out that I have made a study over the last four years or so of penalized sites, from google, Yahoo, Inktomi, Ask and even M$N. That is one of the reasons I used to hang out in the SEO forums, they are the best places to find good examples of sites that have been banned or penalized.

As I said in the title of this post, I was not guessing.


What about that email you sent to DMOZ in 1999 on the status of your submssion, did they ever get back to you? ;)

In our logs were the tracks of a Yahoo editor, the day before the penalty

Yes, I'd call that evidence.

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