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A big thank you to Nick and JasonD for organising this, very very good boys. I am pleased to say the usual suspects were about, but this time we were staying at a extremely pleasant English country house.

After Friday evening of chatting, some of us energetic ones managed a game of Tennis on the courts, whilst the lazy slobs played croquet and snooker, during Saturday. JasonD kindly delivered some Pizza boxes, without any Pizzas, work that out for yourselves. Alas I never even got to see the swimming pool, but judging by the rest of the facilities it was probably quite nice.

Thanks again guys.



I second that

thanks Jason & Nick, and thanks everyone, it was great to meet you all, even you scary ones :)


Who were the scary ones then?

Besides that, any pictures? ...or was it a no-spy event?

oh they were all very very scary ;)

Nah they were all lovely (oops, that just wrecked NFFC's reputation), but I've discovered to my cost that everyone has good memories, all weekend first words to me have been "oh, you're Gurtie, so am I as scary as you thought then?"

Aside from Eurotrash who genuinely thought I was a man with a spaghetti fetish, and was so shocked when he met me he forgot to scare me at all.


Must drink less at the next one, having trouble remembering most of Friday. Everyone was a lot friendlier then i expected. Was good fun, weather was great though with all the sunburnt noses it did look like we were staging something for comic relief :)

Cudos Nick and Jason.

Good show guys. Very good. And what a place you found for us Jason. Hats off!

Sorry I didn't meet all the ones I would have liked to. Next time, next time..

(BTW, thanks for the good tips Doug :)


Nice place, and nice to see lots of old faces, and few new ones

good times

It was a great time, thanks Nick and Jason. Very nice to meet everyone, hope to meet up again soon!

Very enjoyable

Excellent show guys! When's the next one? Good meeting up with old and new - really worthwhile trip.

Couldn't believe he never had a spaghetti fettish and wasn't a he!

I also got the only chav taxi driver with a non-smoking car after getting off the flight from NY and then had to sit in the boody car for 1 1/2 hours without smoking!!


>> 1 1/2 hours without smoking!!

3 1/2 week here, sofar. Can't say I miss it much ;-)


30 years and counting... My dad let me have a puff when I was 5 or so: great method - I thought I'd die. BTW he quit "cold turkey" soon after. Deep respect :)


Wish I could have made it, thanks to work and going away to Italy in a few days I didn't manage it!

Glad everyone had a good time though!


really good to put some faces to names - I think my liver is now slowly recovering - Thanks Jason / Nick for the work arranging it.


sunburnt noses..

Nah - they are always like that - its the alcohol, you know
(all except for NFFC, whose body is a temple - its an old temple, badly in need of repair, but its an alcohol free temple nevertheless)

thanks Guys

...and Girls.
A really great weekend. Just kinda scary.. Gurtie is right.:)
Back to no phones at work, glad I did not know. Curse BT.

The Red Nose? Guess I just don't get out in the sunlight often, so what is strange about that?

Great Weekend - and very relaxing atmosphere

Great to meet up with old friends - and get to know some of the newer faces.

Some great discussions too.


Thankyou everyone for coming. I loved it, although being quite unused to boozing I got pretty drunk Saturday and I have this feeling Doug abused me!

I can't wait till the next one, ohh that's Wednesday :D


Was worth the trip to the UK to stock up on marmite and oxo cubes. Did not talk shop much which is not really what is about anyway. Highlight was the yokal John in the pub on Friday with relatives in Alabama. I miss small town England with nutters like that. Lowlight was also Mings on Friday. The food was minging not the place.

Mings was great....

if you sat on the right table. Thanks to mick g for the starters, the other starters, the lobster, the AMAZING carrot tower, and the endless main courses...


Thanks for great event guys.
It was great to finally meet the UK's (plus a few other areas) real SEO talent.
The venue was brilliant and the weather was perfect.
Although, as the only Australian I could not believe how burnt I managed to get - I guess I'm going to have to stop bagging the English weather now :)


Good stuff

Nice meeting the few people I spoke to for the 4 and a bit hours I was there. Highlights were Aaron turning up just at the right time and taking me under his wing (didnt recognise anyone else so was touch and go if I was going to hang around the bar looking at people), PaulH introducing me to people with a little more accuracy than Aaron *grin*, Jasons pizza-less-pizza-boxes (which I managed to lose somewhere along the way, bugger!), watching behind the scenes of the slick operation that is TW (LOL) .. and that is probably where either the little alcohol I had or the nerves kicked in as I cant remember anything else until I turned up at our hotel room ..

Top Stuff

Superb relaxed day.

Very pleased to have met my fellow viking brothers as always, along with old and new faces from around the world.



Good stuff!

Thanks to Nick and Jason

and to Mick for dinner on Friday.

Job well done

Congrats to the organisers, Nick and Jason. Also, nice to meet the people behind the nickname and find out what goes on behind the scenes!

I never touched Jason

But the pictures will come out:)

Cheers again Jason and Nick, for organising a awesome venue.



Great venue, good group of people (no muppets), superb weather...all in all top weekend. Nice to see old faces and new.

Thanks again to Jason and Nick.

Who's posting the photos?

PS. Max - 'John the Poacher' said he didn't just hunt rabbits but he was also an expert in SEO so I took the liberty of giving him your mobile number! You owe me one! ;)


Zip 'em up and send them to me at [b]photos AT[/url] Keir, and anyone else - im going ot put them up here, but am taking the opportunity to upgrade the entire system while im at it. I expect to be done later on today.....

was that English?

Keir - I still don't know how you understood anything 'John the Poacher' said

" expert in SEO so I took

" expert in SEO so I took the liberty of giving him your mobile number!"

No probs Keir, he could not even call the local taxi company, so if think I am safe there.

I wish I could have went, it

I wish I could have went, it sounds like a lot of fun, maybe next time.

I only posted in this thread cuz of the adsense adds - they are all about Horror, Halloween and Scary stuff on this page.

Makes me wonder about what REALLY went on at this Pub Meet...

I was there!

Fabulous weekend.

Hey, it was great meeting

Hey, it was great meeting you all, and especially nice to meet Nick and family. :)

Yeah Fabulous Meeting

Good to meet existing friends and to make even more new one's, it was great weekend in beautiful surroundings

Thanks to everyone :)

I thought this was a lovely

I thought this was a lovely summary from Brian..

There's a little I can say about it, other than it was a genuinely pleasant meeting of webmasters, completely lacking in pretension or competition of any kind, and with required generosity.

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