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Ok, so i've finally gotten around to upgrading to drupal 4.6 - mostly as i need to use the gallery module for the stansted pics, and it was a good exuse to do the whole lot...

There's shouldnt be any bugs, but maybe we'll find some - if so, please post here.

Not too many, but a couple worth mentioning:

  • RSS 2.0 - with author and category fields
  • Authors should now be able to edit their own posts
  • Quite a bit of backend stuff, but that won't affect most

There are probably more, but those are the ones i recall seeing...

One thing to look out for is logging in and out, if you can't login for any reason, please delete your TW cookies - they should come under www. etc... and im trying to redo them without the www for a couple of good reasons.. If you still can't login, then email me at nick AT

Lemme know if there's any trouble...


One other thing, the cookie

One other thing, the cookie thing is working out great - so we now have the ability to do sub domains without losing user sessions, private msg's etc etc between domains

had been thinking about a few things that could be done that way, mostly a classifieds section for services wanted/offered....

Ok, bug #1: The titles in

Ok, bug #1: The titles in comments are appearing again if you dont fill in the field, i'll work on it, but i can't work it out quickly so i'll fix it in "due course" heh..

not a bug but

who's online? is interesting - I keep TW open as a tab and so far I seem to jump upwards if I open a thread (can make sense of that) but if I just refresh to see if anything interesting's had a post I'm randomly there or not there (is the max number of members 13?)

Unless it's because there's no activity for 20 mins or something I drop off at the next refresh?

Links to profiles

Can no longer click on a members name to see their profile to send them a pm.

who's online?

I do not like this, it's an invasion of privacy in my opinion and after this post I will no longer be able to log into this site.

it's an invasion of privacy

it's an invasion of privacy in my opinion and after this post I will no longer be able to log into this site

ahem.... Roscoe?

I did ask for folks to report any bugs right?

Chill out, it was a bug, that should have only been visible for me, now it's fixed.

Thanks for spotting it.


Thank Paul, that was another permissions thing - it seems there is a much more sophisticated admin backend for perms now, it's really rather fun!

What seems to happen with the upgrade is that some modules have gone back to their default settings, and other have no settings - i've had a look and the rest seem fine, but let me know if anything else weird crops up...



I like 'contacts' - that's a bit swanky isn't it?

Not a bug but...

Just noticed your copyright still says 2004.

Cheers Jill..

Cheers Jill..

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