Corey Rudl dies aged 34

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Two Killed In Crash At California Speedway
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Corey rudl dies in car crash. Barry has all the details...


Corey was one of the first

Corey was one of the first names I recollect from when I first got into internet marketing. I bought his course for around $300 bucks, which seemed like a lot of money at the time. It was a good course though. Many condolences to his family.

At least he went out in style! 2005 Porsche Carrera GT on the California Speedway would be one sweet time.

Correct spelling of his name is Corey Rudl.

Corey was the catalyst to my online career

Very sad news.
Like Jarrod Corey’s course was not only the first Internet marketing research I did but was probably one of the first things I purchased online.

I can honestly say that that course inspired my first seo website and I’ve nerver looked back.

Condolences to the Rudl family.

Also, Dr. Rob Milne Died

It is also worth mentioning here that Rob Milne, the American Born Scottish artificial intelligence specialist died on Everest a few days ago.

Rob was pioneering a system called IM-PACs, which allows climbers and adventurers to plan their expeditions more effectively and report progress to those monitoring.

It was developed at the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute in the School of Informatics at Edinburgh University.

Dr Milne had announced his intention to "road test" the system on Everest, with a team at base camp monitoring his movements using a laptop and satellite telephone

I had had various dealings with Rob and he was working a lot of cool things which I am sure will affect some of our lives in the future.

His weblog is here and the BBC story is here. Latest news from his family is that he will be buried on Everest. R.I.P.

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