More Google Testing with Mobile Friendly Notices

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Google testing always keeps us on our toes. What is served up in a sidebar or in the rich snippets varies at an alarming rate and ultimately it is Google that decides what you are going to see. Search Engine Land reports that Google is testing mobile once again and it may affect the way users choose websites within the SERPs.

In an article back in September, 2014, Search Engine Land noted that Google began displaying an green icon of a mobile device next to the URL if the website was mobile friendly. They actualy have been testing this since August, 2012 so it's no surprize that they are revisiting it as the mobile market grows every day.

Just recently Google has been testing a text display as well as an icon display. Either way, if the site is not optimized for mobile, Google appears to be discounting it, displaying a negative icon.

Will this be enough incentive for developers and webmasters to take the plunge into a responsive or mobile design? My thought is that if you already haven't done so, your already losing out on traffic whether Google gives you a green mobile friendly icon or not.


I'd be interested if they roll this out fully

I think google pushes too heavily on this in some ways. Mobile is still really new and in my opinion, designers have not yet figured it out. All too often when I'm on mobile (just as a regular user) I get frustrated with the mobile exprience and just use the web experience and zoom in. I think just because a website is mobile, doesn't mean that it is mobile is a very robust claim on Google's part that they're not able to test what is mobile friendly and not....I'd be curious if they do end up rolling this out...but anyhow, through a number of their changes across products, such as mobile bid adjustments, most notably, and recent mobile display ad change ...they recognize that they're late on this trend and I think that they're trying to get after it...not sure if this is going to far but what will be more telling then them testing it is will they actually end up rolling this out?

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