Google Spreading Peace and Love

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Google Spreading Peace and Love
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Here's a quote from an Eric Schmidt interview on the Charlie Rose show that aired on PBS last friday, courtesy of SVW

Search is a force for peace and a better world. Google will reveal how everybody lives and thinks and speaks and looks and that is beneficial to world peace. Societies get along better when they know/see/hear more about each other, Mr Schmidt said.

Man somebody needs to lay off the Kool-Aid ...


"...get along better when

"...get along better when they know/see/hear more about each other..."

Hmmm, they might want to drink some more of that Kool Aid. They try to compile every last bit of information about me, yet their big spokesman to the webmastering and search communities is an anonymous, cryptic dude named "GoogleGuy" who won't even confirm that the first letter in the company name is a capital G.

Here's to hoping that Osama bin Laden will want to hug me after he figures out the Sitemaps XML!

>Societies get along better

>Societies get along better when they know/see/hear more about each other

but how does search spread that? the demand of the query has to be there before people search.

Google Search: mortgage

you may also want to try: Sudan Civil War

plus Google needs to protect their relevancy, and in doing that may end up filtering out many of the poorer voices and just feed us more popular and well cited regurgitated talking points.

Curious, SVW is the only reference

Google is the greatest calling--working for world peace through search

It really is such a daft thing to say, that I tried to get either another source, or the original interview, but there does not seem to be anything else on it out there. Curious nobody else has run it.

If you read some of the comments by whichever version of GG you believe in, certainly in some of them he is not spreading "world peace"

Press Training

The comments coming out of CEOs, COOs and marketing people is becoming more and more like the talking heads that we see on television news programmes. The frightening thing about it is that obody is even questioning them on it - unless of course it is in a court as part of a class action law suit.

This almost beats the Fast COO quote earlier this year.

yeh, right.

The whole "world peace" argument for Google looked a whole lot better when they were a private company, now they do nothing than chase higher shareholder returns does anyone really believe any more that Google is the company that once had as its motto "do no evil"? In a dog eat dog world Google really has no higher moral ground than any of its competitors.


This has got to be one of the best quotes of the year. Now pray tell Google, how are you going to tell me how other people think when you can't even get Companies to rank for their own brand name? Or how I would see how everyone lives when it is nearly impossible for a local run of the mill website to rank above the loads of scaper sites running rampant in the G index?


Search is a force for peace and a better world.

Then why do so many of us hate everyone above them in the SERPs? :-)

Millions of defects per hour

I watched this interview. I happened to be channel surfing.

In between the search love-fest was a good tidbit about search and how google creates millions of defects per hour, or something like that. The idea was that when you ask google a question you get back many answers, many of which may or may not be correct or relevant answers. When what should happen is that if you ask google a question it returns a single correct answer.

Interesting to see how basic and rudimentary the search industry still is.

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