Virgin America launches brilliant content marketing campaign


If you listen to any comedian ever, they have a bit about airlines. Celebrities also regularly vent their frustrations with various airlines via Twitter. Flying is a way to get from Point A to Point B, and nothing more. From the lack of leg room to being trapped sitting with some of the most unberable human beings you've ever met, it is unpleasant. And Virgin America is well aware of this. Launching one of the greatest content marketing strategies in recent memory, they have created a fake competitor called BLAH Airlines. In an age where we focus on "bite size" and consumable content, they have chosen to go the complete opposite route, uploading a SIX HOUR YouTube video that documents a horrible flight on BLAH Airlines. There is even a 20 minute sequence where you watch an in-flight movie in the distant background from several rows back.Virgin America has supported this marketing campaign through several channels to assure it will not fail. They respond directly to the video comments and allow interaction with BLAH through its own Twitter handle. They even went so far as to register which is full of generic testimonials, broken links and .gifs that look like 1997 all over again. Content marketers take note!