Age of Sites = Better Rankings @ Google?

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Proof Of Search Position Based On Age Of Domain?
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Wormman at SEOChat starts a discussion that blossoms into some nice small scale research about the age of websites being a big factor in their ability to rank well at Google. Very intelligent and cogent results start showing up on page 2 - so keep reading..


I dont see it...


just becuase the top 10 results have on average more a greater number of older sites than new does not mean google likes older domains (sandbox aside for a minute)

It just means that older sites tend to have more links, surely...?

As I've said before

The SERPs landscape is maturing.

I don't see it either


Thats my thinking Nick, and quit calling me Shirley.


Maybe it's just me

Check out - - maybe it's just my industry, but it sure seems to be more than coincidence, although it could be age of links or certain authority type links or something too - not JUST age, but the things that come with it.


Only a quick observation, looking at the list of sites i noticed how some(not all) of the sites with much less PR and links also do much better than other sites on Teoma – a sign google may also use some sort of authority/theming? pure speculation, just be thinking out loud :)

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