RSS to Provide Vehicle for Spyware

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RSS To Carry Spyware Before Year's Out
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Some interesting predictions in this TechWeb story about Firefox, RSS and the invasion of the spyware demons...

By the end of the year, spyware programs will have tripled in number, put Firefox in their sights, and have turned to RSS to distribute its key loggers and ad spawners, a security expert said Friday.

Richard Stiennon, director of threat research at anti-spyware software vendor Webroot, first presented his six predictions at this week's Gartner IT Security Summit.

Number one on his list?

"The first spyware that targets Firefox will appear in the first half of 2005," prognosticated Stiennon. "That means either a spyware writer will take advantage of a vulnerability in Firefox, as others already have in Internet Explorer, or create a site that forces Firefox to invisibly download and install adware or spyware."

Bit of a no brainer really, but kinda interestin'