Real Life Conversion Optimization: Target updates mobile app to help in-store customers find products easier


Target recently worked with company PointInside to update their mobile app to help in-store customers with their shopping. Research by PointInside found that between 10-30 percent of consumers leave stores without buying a desired product because they can't find the product - even if it is actually on the shelf.

To combat this problem, Target introduced a new feature to the mobile app that allows the mobile device to detect when the consumer enters a Target store (this is done via geo fencing) which gives the consumer access to a range of search and find capabilities. Items adding to shopping lists will have product locations on a store map. Important sales will be shown on the store map as well.

PointInside has helped other companies like Lowe's with similar features.

Now if only the app could detect the quickest/most efficient route for collecting these items in the store, and detect the number and location of other customers in the store at any given time to reduce the amount of traffic in one spot. Better yet - turn by turn directions :-)