Actually, the key to marketing your quiz is "actually"

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Josh Haynam just posted a new blog on Marketing Profs about using quizzes for content marketing. Overall it is worth a read, but there is one piece of data that is really sticking with me.

Using a set of 1375 quizzes for testing, it was found that when the SAME QUIZ is posted twice: once where the title uses the term "actually" and once where it does not, the "actually" version saw significantly more views. On average, the "actually" version was 1305 views while the alternate version saw an average of 770 views.

The theory for why this occurs is that "actually" turns the subject into a matter of self-awareness. Basically, "Which Superhero Are You?" invites users to find out where as "Which Superhero Are You, Actually?" implies that they think they know, but this quiz begs to differ.

Test "actually" with your next quiz and report your findings here.



oh look, it is a meta-pun...see, that's why I don't attempt to be funny..anyhow,

just as a related / unrelated note: I wonder how long until facebook creates its own quiz generator, kind of like the thank you slideshow thing that they made and they drive all of these clickbait shops out of business....

I'm also hearing some buzz that fb is already starting to do some semantic mapping to discount click bait in the feed, I have not seen it work yet, but I think there are already signs that they are trying to push buzzstream, etc off the table

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