How to get more Facebook interaction

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Many people know that having lots of fans is great, but getting them to actually see what you post is the real goal. Done incorrectly, organic reach can slowly fade away until you're talking to a tiny fraction of your followers. It seems the way the algorithm basically works is a ratio of posts to engagement. Have a high # of engagements per post, show up in more feeds. Have a high # of posts with no engagement, show up in less feeds.

A company called ShortStack did some experimenting on improving organic reach and wrote up a nice case study about their findings:

Basically, it comes down to 2 things:

  1. Use your own data to determine the best times to post. There are countless recommendations on "best times to post" but chances are good that your audience doesn't perfectly line up. This can maximize your opportunity for engagement which helps that engagement to post ratio
  2. Mix in some fun stuff. A lot of businesses don't want silly memes or quotes on their page that makes it seem like their brand is not serious business. But, as the article says "If posting a great quote brings in 25 likes and 30 shares, those people are more likely to see the next post that your business puts up." So go ahead, post up that fist pumping baby with a clever tag line!



Well, to get more facebook

Well, to get more facebook interaction , your idea or facebook page must be catchy to read and more interesting than vampires. You need to collaborate unique ideas and the most trending issue of the week. It's just my suggestion though, you can gather more information if you keep observing and be gentle if you interact with people , in that way you can gain their thoughts and their utmost attention.  buy safe soundcloud downloads

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