Yahoo! Buys Dial Pad, Not Skype

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Yahoo buys Dial Pad
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After rumours that Yahoo! may buy Skype last week, it comes as little surprise to learn that they do indeed have their credit cards out for VoIP, but not Skype, Dial Pad. Om has all the details and has apparently had the deal confirmed though figures were not disclosed...

Yahoo, like other IM providers might have been late to the VoIP party, but the company is quickly making up for lost time. Barely a month after launching its own VoIP enabled IM beta product, the company snapped up DialPad, a VoIP company that sells PC2PC and PC2Phone services to consumers. “What we saw in DialPad was quick way to add PC2Phone and inbound calls,” says Joanna Stevens, Yahoo’s VP of Corporate Communications. Yahoo will integrate Dialpad’s services with its new IM product.


What does DialPad do?

Am I the only person who finds the Dialpad website really uninformative. There I was simply trying to compare them with Skype and I simply could not work out what they really offered, tho I could see the rates (couldn't I just). So is it like skype or simply a subsection of skype - ie skype out?

I have the feeling that it is another cruddy Yahoo purchase, buying something that has little mindshare and seems a pretty poor choice.

one of the original VoIP players

DialPad have been around for quite a while. I used to use their service back when it was free to call from Japan. They have a very user-friendly interface and respectable technology. A number of Japanese ISPs offer DialPad as a VoIP service already, so Yahoo will be acquiring an established market here.

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