Trapit & Addvocate merge while SugarString is killed


It has been an interesting week in the world of Content Marketing. Trapit, a Flipboard competitor, has merged with Addvocate, a company that builds tools for helping businesses use social media. The new Addvocate-Trapit cited that the primary goal they are targeting by combining platforms is to expand content marketing; connecting with consumers in an industry where "everyone has their oars in the water."

However, even the oar-wielders who are paddling aren't always getting far. Verizon just gave up on their publication which was actively posting tech, cuture and politics articles for the last two months. They also locked their Twitter account. After careful evaluation, Verizion, one of the world's most recognizable brands, could not find value in content marketing. Will having a smaller reputation prove beneficial for Addvocate-Trapit, or will it fall even faster than SugarString?