Yahoo! Blows Google out of the Water

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Yahoo’s MoJo Found
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I've no idea where that came from (you'll have to click through to see it if you're on the homepage), maybe a little viral marketing from Y!? The pic was stolen from Om Malik, and i hope you don't mind Om :) - He doesn't seem inclined to say where it came from so your guess is as good as mine...


Good Marketing Stuff

somthing the googlites are not so good at.

And too be honest, I do think Yahoo Search is currently "Better" than google.

>>>" even has its own yodel".

good article

There's a nice article about/behind the picture. Or, "blog post" as it is.

Oh, I just saw comment 1 - apparently it has been mentioned here before. Still good though.

Yeah, we had a good

Yeah, we had a good discussion on that here claus...

I don't buy that Google is

I don't buy that Google is not good at marketing. Look at their marketshare and how little money they spent on marketing to get there.

>>good at marketing But they

>>good at marketing

But they gained that market share at a time when all the other SE's were commiting suicide - they had no opposition. Today is a different ballgame but I don't think Google marketing has learned anything since 2002. Adapt or die.

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