E-commerce Lessons from Holiday Season 2014


It's always good to look back at what yourself and other e-commerce companies did during the holiday season to boost sales, in order to begin planning for your next holiday season. It sounds like a long ways off to be thinking of the holidays in 2015, but a solid website and marketing plan now will help in the success later.


The article above talks about how "final" delivery dates for the holidays impacted conversions. It was found that often the final date that the user could select standard shipping and was guaranteed delivery for Christmas was also the cut-off date for high conversion rates. Conversion rates usually dipped after this date - which is to be expected.

One thing some e-commerce websites that also had brick and mortar stores did, was something known as click + collect. The user could purchase the item online and then pick it up in their local store themselves, or in some cases, have it delivered within 90 minutes from the store, all the way up until Christmas Eve.