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Getting Directory Links That Count
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When picking directories to submit too, what do you look for in the way that they link to you? - meta refresh, 302, 301, static page link? - This discussion starts out simply and continues into a fairly technical diagnostic review of the various methods directories use for outbound links. More importantly, which ones will actually count. seobook, Anthoney Parsons & myself all having a lovely time at an as yet quiet new forum ;) - One that will growup to be a good resource im thinking...


Nice one, Nick...

...I meant the banner :-) Get some Alt-text on that BTW...


What would you put in it?

Nandini made that for me till she puts some real advertising up :)

I'm not an artist, ...

...I'm a scientist (and a lazy one at that), so according to a well-trusted source this makes me a keyword "non-expert". Consequently I'd choose something from , although that list seems to be polluted by people testing their own (misspelled) keywords' scores. How about something simple like seo forum round-up.

P.S.: isn't she just the sweetest? ;)


Wouldnt want the masses in here ;-)

This a a site for professional seo's, not a kindergarten heh! The target group is slowly, but very surely finding this place through word of mouth, blog posts, rss feeds etc..

Seen too many forums go BANG! by pushing for growth too fast, and not being able to shut the floodgates. If this place even feels like it's getting too busy I'll just shut the member registration form down and let the current membership consolidate for a while..

I shouldnt think that will happen though, many of the very new to seo are still searching for stuff on meta tags... we just arent publishing that kind of crap here...

nice list of directories going on over here

there's a list of directories going on over at
this is a neat forum for linking topics.

Broken Link


This URL...

...for the Anchor Text of this "Getting Directory Links That Count" is broken.

Kirk out.

Thank very much

.. and welcome to threadwatch cap'n.. :)

Unfortunately the forum owner just changed forum software and didnt bother to tell me... i will try to find any other links to that site and fix them..

Check your pm box, some luvverly cutnpaste links for you lol!

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