Yahoo & Richard Branson Announce "Think Big" Winner

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Yahoo! Search Marketing and Richard Branson will announce the winner of their Think Big competition that we mentioned in April at 11am ET outside the NASDAQ building in Times Square today. Craig Ridenhour will receive one million ad impressions across the Y! network, and have his own Y! team of advisors to help him. Craig co-founded the StairCycle company, which was chosen from around eight thousands entries.

“Yahoo! created the ‘Think Big’ contest to highlight the power of our search marketing platform to drive real-world results for businesses of all sizes,” said Ted Meisel, president, Yahoo! Search Marketing. “We knew that we could count on Sir Richard, one of the world’s most creative and successful entrepreneurs, to select a truly ‘big thinker’ to benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We look forward to helping StairCycle Innovations build brand and category awareness by reaching a vast consumer audience with its story, all the while taking its sales to the next level."

Lucky old craig...


Daft invention

Daft invention

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