Adblock Plus whitelists Google; Google disables 500M ads


It's Tuesday and it's already "The Week of Ads." First we had the Super Bowl, which brought us some great commercials. For us web marketing geeks, there was even more interesting advertising news.

It's safe to say most of us do not mind having an ad off to the right side of the content when we visit a website, but unfortunately some websites are just too aggressive. Popups and other nonsense get in the way of doing what we came online to do, so we installed Adblock Plus.

But now businesses are losing money from ad revenue. Google has already blocked ABP and similar apps from their Play Store, but there was little they could do about desktop users. Fortunately for them, Adblock Plus keeps a whitelist, which they have stated it is free to be a part of for SMBs. They also stated larger websites can't "buy a spot" on the whitelist and they need to meet certain criteria first. According to The Inquirer, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have found their way onto this whitelist.

This is likely, in part, due to Google disabling more than 500,000,000 ads in 2014, including over 43,000,000 using "trick-to-click" ploys.

It sounds like Google is doing its part to make the ad landscape less insulting for the users, but with it being such a huge player in online advertising, we can only wonder if ABP whitelisting Google will still offer value to its users. Will consumers move on to another ad blocker or will ads be more manageable?