'Crazy Frog doubled my phone bill'

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'Crazy Frog doubled my phone bill'
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Sobering tale on the BBC of a punter who downloaded a "free" crazy frog ringtone (OK, he accepts he is a bit daft wanting it). He then was bombarded with messages from Jamster inviting him to download more tones. Only when his mobile bill arrived that he discovered he had been charged £3 a throw for these messages. Apparently in the "small print" he had agreed to an expensive ringtone account, with Jamster sending premium rate reverse-charge texts every few days.

Jamster were unavailable for comment.

Do we all read the small print, all the time?


Lol, thought everyone had

Lol, thought everyone had heard of this by now, but still people fall for it, was on national news some time ago. When you order a ringtone from Jamster you sign up for £3 week membership and get 3 ringtones for FREE – that’s why their affiliate program is so good :)

Much worse been going on for a lot longer. Provider offers one free ringtone or sms, but no one bothers to read the bit that says after the first they will send you a further 4 messages/ringtones at £1.5 or subscribe you to a daily/weekly message at £1.5 – Been told keeping the charge just below £1 works best as it stands out less on the bill

Any grown adult that paid to

Any grown adult that paid to download the frog should be duped into paying extra for being a muppet.

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