Miva puts Pay Per Call in UK

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Miva Plans Pay-Per-Call for U.K.
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Miva, formerly FindWhat/Espotting, are to introduce Pay Per Call ads in the UK. Miva will be working with Ingenio who are already working with AOL to provide similar services.

As with Miva's pay-per-click services, advertisers bid for placement in search results, which are displayed on sites in the Miva Media Network. Instead of bidding on keywords, as in the pay-per-click service, advertisers bid on relevant categories and choose the geographic area where they want their ads to show.

I want to see Google and Yahoo! doing this...


Europe / Norway

Will they change name in Europe too? Seems they are still called Espotting in Norway. Will be hard for them to maintain the brand awareness if they switch from Espotting.

pay-per-call is going to be huge

I'm just about to finish my own pay-per-call functionality for one of my sites and my advertisers are eating it up - they can't wait.

The only problems I've encountered are tracking and call quality.

If I publish tracking phone numbers I've not been able to think up a way to accurately track the ROI for my online marketing.

If I implement a callback function where the visitors enter their phone number and both the visitor and advertiser's phones ring, the VOIP call quality has been letting me down.

I'm sure it is only a matter of time before I find the right telco partner.

out of hours?

how are you dealing with the office hours issue? When we advertised with a PPCall thing a while ago we had to accept the call from an operator before we were charged and only got calls in office hours (well that was the theory - in practise it was terrible) - but if it's totally automated do you remove ads out of hours or not charge if they don't pick up the phone?

out of hours

in my system I ask my advertisers for the hours and the days of the week to receive calls.
if a visitor hits the site out of these hours then I don't show the call option - just a web application form

but this is my tech solution not the telco

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