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Spamming For Dummies - Nick's post
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This thread in general is terribly nasty and embarrassing to read. But our own Nick W has a wonderful, truly great post about keeping your forum a safe community for all.

I don't know how I missed it, but I never realized until that post, just how eloquent Nick was!

(I've linked only to Nick's post, as it really is the only worthwhile one in the thread!)



Thanks Jill

For those that wish to see the entire ugly debacle.

Hey Jill,

Im a sucker for a compliment so this gets booted to the front page lol!

Seriously though, that kind of thing absolutely facinates me, regardless of personal feelings on such policies as they relate to forums I visit, it's interesting to watch how the decisions forum admins make shape the communities they develop....

And apart from that, Its an educational read in terms of how "mob rule" works when unchecked :)


I also find it fascinating. Reading and watching other forums is the best way to know how I want my forum to be. Had I never been an admin at IHY and Cre8, HRF would probably be different today, as those experiences helped me shape how I wanted it to be. Watching SEW find its own bearings reinforces it all for me!

It appears that Danny is slll

It appears that Danny is slllloooowwwwlllly coming to grips with the harsh realities of forum life versus the relative calm of writing articles and newsletters.

'Spam outing'

I never gave a second thought to 'spam outing' till I tried to post something at HR (and SEW). It was sheer laziness on my part. Why write about it when I can just add a link and say, "Look at this," for an example? I hadn't thought about it.

HR and SEW removed the threads. Both were kind enough to explain why and invite a different post on the topic without the link. Fair enough. I'm glad they did.

I hadn't considered maybe some decent people who trim their sails a bit tighter than others would get their fingers burned. This particular thread at SEW does illustrate the potential damage caused. Nice reply, Nick.

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