Is Google's Knowledge-Based Trust score going solve (or CREATE) the web search problem?


Google is reported to be working on a new type of algorithm ranking pages based on how factually correct they are:

Facts the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth.

This way the search giant is hoping to lessen the power of links..

Search results could be curated by industry experts - that's something this search experiment seems to imply... Here's a part I found interesting:

"I'll note that when I dug down a few pages in the results list, there still wasn't a single anti-vax site to be seen"

Looks like the "unanimous" web users' consensus backed by curators is that kids should be vaccinated... I will definitely feel less lost and overwhelmed when searching the web for some info on whether or not to vaccinate... But does it mean I won't be ale to find alternative opinion?

While the search algorithm effort is being discussed, there are concerns being voiced why it may fail.