Boom TIme for Affiliate Marketing?

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Piper Jaffray likes Affiliate Marketing
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Jupiters Gary Stein is pro affiliate marketing, commenting on a recent Piper Jaffray news letter extoling the virtues of "performance marketing".

Good to see another positive write-up for affiliate marketing. I firmly believe that this is one of the most interesting spaces for online merchants. Merchants who are able to control the issues (and there clearly are issues of spam, fraud and brand-abuse) find that they have a very clever, very motivated group of people doing great work for them

At the same time, Linda, who is unstoppably pro affiliate (well, she would be right?) points to an article by Shawn Collins on the recent Affiliate Summit titled Affiliate Marketing -- Hotter Than Ever?

Some people are saying that affiliate marketing is experiencing a Renaissance, but that suggests that there was a time when affiliate programs were not working. From where I sit, the affiliate landscape has been in a crescendo for 10 years

Wait till the blogpuppies start getting into this stuff...



That Jupiter article had some good info. Thanks, I don't typically read that one and would have missed it.

Hey Nick!

Remember when people used to get all excited if they got "Slash Dotted?"

Well just want you to know every time you link to one of my blog entries, I tell people - I got "ThreadWatched" today! ;-)

Linda, unstoppably pro affiliate

heh! links are fun aren't

heh! links are fun aren't they? :)

Death of the Autopilot Affiliate Program

I agree with Gary - it's all about having control over the issues. I've seen so many big companies throw some money at a technology to power their affiliate program, and then they lamented about how lousy affiliate marketing was when their program tanked.

Finally, it's becoming common for companies to not only actively manage affiliate programs, but pro-actively manage them.

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