Profound & Heartfelt Thanks

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Please accept my profound and heartfelt thanks for all your efforts in attempting to find me during my recent troubles and for all the support given to my wife and family during a very distressing time for them.

I'd like to particularly thank Nick for all the work he has put in on my behalf and the support that he has given Ali and my family on this. I'd also like to thank all members of the Threadwatch community for all their work, it has been a most humbling experience for me. You realise that their is a community spirit on the internet, but never could I have imagined just how great that community spirit could be before the events of last week.

I'd love to thank everyone involved individually and will get around to posting individual thanks in slower time, at the moment I need to take some time to rest and recuperate.

My love to you all - and once again profound thanks for all you help and support.



No trouble for a mate

Just nice to have you back Ian. Take your time, and we look forward to your continued involvement, here and elsewhere

Yes, really good that it all

Yes, really good that it all worked out in the end Ian - dont' forget to tell us the full story sometime :)

The community effort was astonishing. Never seen anything like it, it was simply awesome...

Glad to have you back mate

Glad to have you back mate :)

good to have you back

It's good to have you back Ian :)

Was wondering

whether you had actually touched down in blighty yet. Even the Jocks are happy to see an englishman back home.


Just noticed that has 2 meanings. I did mean the good one.

Just glad you are safe Ian,

Just glad you are safe Ian, and back with your family.

Welcome Back

Good to see you back home safely, Ian.

Good to see ya Ian

Good wishes to you and your family.

we missed you

we missed you

glad to see..

..that the b*****s finally let you out of the land of the free, home of the brave.

I'm very glad you're ok...

I hate to say I thought the worst. New Orleans is a rough town. I'm so glad you're ok.

Good to hear from you

Excellent to hear of a good outcome to something that touched many who travel much and work alone.

Welcome Home It's really Awesome!

Ian so glad you made it home safe, Family is everything - I just lost my husband on June 11th - when someone near is missing it can be devastating
make sure you hug them babies....

A Great Relief

Even for thus of us who only know you by proxy, it was fantastic to hear of you getting home safe. Many of us feared the worst, and it's just terrific to hear that things worked out OK. I'd also like to personally apologize for the behavior of the TSA - they're really oversensitive these days.

So when is your next trip to the states?

Next time, may I suggest you stick to west of the Mississippi River (far west), its like a different country on this side of the river.

West of the Mississippi River

"Next time, may I suggest you stick to west of the Mississippi River (far west), its like a different country on this side of the river."
I agree with that. I live a mile from the Mississippi River and notice a big difference when I'm out east.


I was so glad to hear that this story had a happy ending. It's an answer to many prayers!


Sorry to hear of your loss designz :(

I second those emotions

so glad you're back safe Ian and so sad for you Designz.

Simply good to see you fine,

Simply good to see you fine, Ian. :)


So happy to see you're fine.

Don't completely diss us yanks, we've had several rough years. Hope you come back (without the trauma, of course).

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