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How can you use SEO defensively?
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This is a great thread, a real cracker! - No idea why the boys and girls at cre8 havn't sent it my way. Sheesh!

kajax101 is asking about a scenario in which a competitor company might take advantage of a common misspelling of his company name to leech traffic and customers. Black_Knight comes in with some good advice regarding legal recourse and defensive SEO.

The thread winds and turns and covers many of the things that can happen when a competitor decides to do the dirty on you and how you might combat some of those moves.

Here's one danger pointed out by BK:

Reviews can be optimised for your trademarks and such, under fair use. They really are talking about your product. Thus they can optimise extensively both on site and through third-party links, for your trademarks and company name etc.

Following on from that SEBasic gives some interesting commentary on how cloaking might be used. Great thread!