Shocking? Google Ranks Number 1 for "Domains"

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Only a few months after Google launched their Google Domains product, they are ranking number one on Google for "domains". The domain industry is all abuzz about this development, as there is quite the consensus amongst Domainers that Google has manipulated their rankings so that they rank number one for "domains" organically.

I'm not surprised, but I have taken the time to do some analysis on why they rank for "domains". They appear to have done everything right, even from the way they named their product, "Google Domains", which includes their main keyword. And they have more anchor text links pointing to their product page than any other site that sells domains.

Is it unusual for a two-month-old product to rank well in Google? I don't think so. It's not a new site, it's a new product on an already well-established, authoritative site.


The subdomain and root helps

The subdomain and root helps kick it to the the top.

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