Yahoo! Getting Spammed, Hard (or Not?)

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UPDATE: Both in the comments in this thread, and in this Yahoo! Search blog post Y! have refuted Steve Rubels story commented upon below.

Well, it was inevitable that the recently launched MyWeb2.0 tagged social Search from Yahoo! would be spammed. Resident blogpuppy Steve Rubel points out this "tag spam", which is a little ironic, as he recently posted about "Tagvertising" (dont get me started on that bloody name!) which is essentially spamming itself, you just own up to it and magically it's OK...

Rather unfortunately, it's probably only those filling it with crap that actually care about MyWeb2, it's just too much like hard work :(

Neat idea, and i hope good things come out of the work put into it in the end, but i really can't find much use for it...


He's wrong

Steve Rubel is entirely wrong. Here are the details for one of his examples, filed under the tag "crapware".

Actually all of the examples he mention are really useful links and the tags do make sense. It's a classification of a very large amount of dialer sites etc. I think it's really the full blocklist from a piece of software that has gotten tagged.

Uhm, yeah...

What about this is spam?

That's pretty interesting -

That's pretty interesting - I assumed he knew what spam was, and only looked at the individual tags, not the individual tags - thanks claus

I only briefly

looked at what Steve described as spam. It's almost beside the point if it is or isn't. The point is, it's absurdly easy to import an RSS feed of a huge amount of links -- say your own -- and file them into any tag you want. Even by hand, I popped up a fairly large tag with about 30-40 entries without breaking a sweat. Yahoo supposedly has stuff in place that supposed to prevent someone from really going at it. From what I've seen, doesn't look to be the case. The fact one single person can pop crapware as a popular tag for everyone demonstrates that. If it's not spam now, it will be in the future. And Yahoo will fight back, and then people will fight back against that, and... well, you get the picture.

yer, the question is

yer, the question is actually a little more complex than i thought. From now on, i'll call it if it come from a recognized Search source, but if it's coming from a recognized "there's a bandwagon, let's jump it" i'll try verify it a little more :)


>> The fact one single person can pop crapware as a popular tag for everyone

Perhaps "popularity" just needs to me measured in another way, eg. by how many different IP-numbers click through to that particular tag? (perhaps even per day/week/month to make some trends appear). Could be fun - and it's probably fairly easy to do.

That way you can enter as many links as you like without skewing the "metrics". Some topics will naturally have more links than others, but that does not mean that they are more relevant or interesting to any particular person.

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