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Blondie, one of the greatest bands in the 70's?/80's...

absolutely awesome...


yeah too right

definitely one of the greatest bands in that era and are still touring

Funnily enough, if Blondie

Funnily enough, if Blondie were to have started now, they'd have difficulty getting signed mainstream - on account that being over 30, Debbie Harry would be regarded as too old to impact mainstream markets.


I have to admit I'm a pushover for Debbie Harry circa the late 1970's. Especially when she's singing in French. Heh.

>>still touring

They still sound good.

hmm nice

nice nipple on the photo Nick, did you hand pick that one :)

Blondie 8 Track

My first "boom box" had an 8-track player and I played my "Parallel lines" 8 track tape over, and over, and over ...

>>nice nipple on the photo

>>nice nipple on the photo Nick, did you hand pick that one :)

Absolutely. Debbie Harry is all about sex apeal, always was. Genreraly, as a relatively concientious site admin i dont post tthings like thta - but to post a non-sexy pic of Debbie whould be a crime IMO...

in fairness

aside from the more recent ones you probably couldn't find a non sexy picture of her.

*oh I hate her....*


I was probably too young to appreciate blondie in the way fellow TWs did first time around but I certainly remember enjoying the music. Full apreciation only developed later :O)

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