New MSN Search - Live Tomorrow - Thurs 11th Nov 2004

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MSN Search to go Live Thursday, Nov 11th
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The NY Times are reporting that the long anticipated MSN Search will go live tomorrow - Sure is a fast move! Nacho in the threadlink above says the techpreview is returning NULL for "no results found" - could this be another of the famous MS dodgy quick releases?


Pandia says No!

Pandia says that MSN will not be going public tommorow, at least in the way that this story and other news items out there are reporting...

Techpreview is now back..., and it mentions another (short) testing period. A day would be VERY short, but they might be quick (this time).

...but the last test was terrible!

I can't imagine they're seriously going live for more than a test.

Who knows?

Welcome to TW notredamekid! ;-)

I've been reading mixed reports, i think everyone is guessing at best for the moment..

hehe, what fun eh?

When it goes live officially,

When it goes live officially, wait 90 days then remind me to check the serps. Until then, you're just wasting your time.

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