DomainKeys, an End to Email Spam?

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Yahoo!, Cisco Systems Propose Anti-Spam Technology
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Yahoo! and Cisco's joint email spam technology initiative, the combination of Yahoo's DomainKeys and Cisco's Identified Mail systems, went one step further this weekend with a submission to the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Known as DKIM, the e-mail authentication technology uses key cryptography that allows users to verify and maintain message integrity, and identifies legitimate messages. It's useful for companies that send transactional e-mail to consumers, including banks, telecoms, and online merchants.

The story comes from MediaPost who say both companies are working together with Sendmail and PGP - one of *nix's biggest mail server programs and Pretty Good Encryption, both of which have been around pratcially forever...



I'm sure I read somewhere in a real offline newspaper on the weekend that Microsoft has some sort of similar scheme that they are rolling out to Hotmail by years end, do we risk another technology split?

But, PGP is not free

This is going to cost, because PGP is a licensed product which is not free to use until the IDEA patent expires. They would have been much better off using GPG (which is OpenPGP complient), otherwise they run the risk of patent holders/PGP Corp pulling the extotionate license fee scam.


Thought they already had? "SenderID"?

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