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After doing many checks on my clients and other websites that I have seen take complete SERPs' hits in Yahoo for this recent update, I must say I have concluded that 302 issues still exist. Is anyone else seeing this as reason that there website has been totally removed from the Yahoo SERP's in the recent update?

Any feedback here would be helpful.


Hi Incredihelp, I looked at

Hi Incredihelp,
I looked at a few of your customer sites linked to from your corporate page. Each one I looked at was showing in the Yahoo results. I did not check all of them of course. Can you please send me any evidence you have that a redirect is causing you to not show up or if you dont have this an example of one of the sites you think is not showing up.

Hello Tim, I PM'ed you the

Hello Tim,

I PM'ed you the specific results. Basically this clients website has had very good standings in Yahoo for a very long time. Since the update I am now seeing basically no results retuned in the SERP's of Yahoo for the website. After looking into this further I took snippets of text from the client website and tried it in the search. It retuned many scraper websites using 302 redirects to link to the client. I checked the competitors targeting the same keywords and see that none of them are being attacked using this scraping/302 methods. I have to think this is effecting the search results as they apply to the client. The client has not dramatically changed their website, all though they do add pages here and there like any website looking to keep a fresh standing in the search engines. You can even try typing the client name into the search at yahoo and have all most all scrapper website SERP's returned. Any help would be great thanks,



So, it may well not be a classic 302 problem, as Google still has, and i thought Yahoo had fixed last year right?

It could be some problem with incoming links from shitty neighborhoods maybe? A variation on Googlebowling for Yahoo?

Will be most interested to see what tim says, thanks for looking mate!

Yes from my point of view

Yes from my point of view these "bad neighborhoods" are clearly targeting this one website. I have actually heard many other websites that have previously had consistently good rankings in the Yahoo SERP's only to have the website basically "demoted" within the SERP's with this latest update. of course no one has been able to find good reasons fro these drops. I think with my findings on this website we might be heading closer to reason why you may have dropped in the recent update. As far as "yahoobowling", I am not sure. These websites seem to be using varying linking methods with images and different text. Like I mentioned the clients website is not ranking for ANY of their previous keywords anymore. With "bowling" you tend to target one phrase and make sure the website is not ranking for that one keyword by using site wide links with that term in it.

Yahoo 302

Any update on findings here?

new update , same story

I am seeing the same results as the last update for my keyword groups I follow.

My website doesn't even show up even when you type the name of the company in the search.

It seems I am falling victim to spam from these website listed here. What is going on? I used to appear for many different keywords in Yahoo and now I am no where to be found. My URL's are still in the index but are not ranking for anything.

This has been this way since the update on June 1st, 2005. My website is doing nothing wrong (spammy) and has plenty of great content and backlinks. It just simply disappeared.

Please help Tim.

No update yet. Tim has yet

No update yet. Tim has yet to comment, but I know they rolled out a new search index last night and the same crap is there fro me.

Hi Incredihelp, I have

Hi Incredihelp,
I have looked at this and it is a content issue with your site. It has nothing to do with any 302 hijacking. I am looking into why your site has content guideline issues and will get back to you soon.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback Tim.

Is it more to do with content on the website itself or the fact that others are copying it?

I appreciate any help or guidance on this.

Content penalty

That is interesting. You triggered a human set og algo set content filter?

PM me site URL

Tim - Anything on this yet?

Tim - Anything on this yet?

It looks we have meta

It looks we have meta refreshes on extra keyword oriented domains we own instead of the proper 301 redirection. This may be causing the issue. We are in the process of cleaning these up and hope to be re-included soon.

I did not know these were out there myself and it could be the cause for our drop in the Yahoo SERP's. I will keep everyone updated.

Yahoo 302's

Tim -

I just looked at this thread, but it reminded me to ask you about something I ran into and blogged about last month. Yahoo is using 302's to redirect domains within your Small Business Hosting control panels.

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