Google I/O - Unlimited Image Storage and further venturing into Internet Of Things (IOT)


Oh boy, oh boy, but lets start with the most important message from Google I/O

Google Photos Free Storage

Of course the biggest talk of the day was around unlimited image storage raising some commentary one what that means for apples expensive iCloud  and from commenters commenting about Google nom'ing on even more of our data...such as Farhad Shakiba saying,

"This is not "FREE" storage. That's a blatant lie. You pay Google. You just pay Google by telling them where you vacation, what businesses you take pictures at, how often you vacation, who you vacation with, what kind of clothes you wear, etc, etc. That's your private/personal life stuff. That shit is expensive."  

Android Pay

Sorry but no suprises here...guess they're not pushing google wallet any more... 

Project M

This is an interesting one, Google is trying to predict what you're going to ask before you by analyzing what you've been looking at on your phone...the interesting thing here is that it includes your email ...

New Venture Into The Internet Of Things

Far less reports but IMO, equality important is...

Regarding Googles venture into the internet of things, "Brillo and Weave. Brillo is a Android-based operating system for IoT devices; Weave is a standard for IoT devices to communicate with each other. Gadget makers can use both Brillo and Weave, or just one of the two. Both will roll out to developers in late 2015."

Anyway if you're like me and don't like reading, heres a video with some of the higlights from CNET